New Orleans’ Harlem Shake video

We here in NOLA were behind on the whole harlem shake thing because it appears to have peaked as a trend right around a small, minor, hardly noticeable holiday called Mardi Gras.

From what I could tell, that’s when the whole Harlem Shake thing got big (around Feb 12). Because when I mentioned it to several friends in NOLA around the 18th of Feb, no one, and I mean no one, had heard of it. However, according to Google Trends, we weren’t actually that far behind on the peak days of the use of harlem shake as a search term, so who knows.

harlem shake, google trends

Trends for the past 90 days

Anyway, here are the Louisiana incarnations of Harlem Shake that I have run across.

At a popular tree in Audubon Park:

A strange one featuring Tulane Cheerleaders doing the bad cheer from Bring it On:

A shocking one from Shreveport:

It’s shocking not because of the content so much but because the school, a baptist school, suspended the ENTIRE group of students that participated in it. I mean, the guy in the Rootsuit is pretty seriously humping that gorilla dude, but still, the WHOLE group?

Finally, here’s one attempt made in New Orleans, incidentally, also featuring a Rootsuit:

I think my favorite part, besides the fail, is the little dog.  Also, that’s a pretty sweet bear coat, which is apparently something from a TV show (Workaholics), which I’ve never seen…


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