Proof: Farm + Garden is the best craigslist section


I’ve always enjoyed (bizarrely) perusing craigslist even when I’m not looking for anything.  I think it must come from spending many hours in class with a laptop and internet connection . . .

One of my favorite spots to check out is always the farm and garden section.  You find gems like this:

diamond ring to trade for hay or livestock (texas)

have a 3/4 carat ctw , 10kt white gold CLUSTER STYLE ladies diamond ring i may be interested in trading for hay or livestock. will test out at any jewelers to be real. not trying to run a scam on someone so likewise do not try to run one on me with bad hay or sick animals because i know what i am looking for and animals will be vet checked prior to trade. please read entire ad BEFORE emailing me. if you email me asking what grade the solitaire is then i know you have not read the ad & your email will be deleted. this is not a small ring and it is very nice but with the cost of gold & diamonds i am not desperate to trade. i am interested in possibly getting new stock from an individual before going to the local auction

hay : horse hay. coastal, Bahia, jiggs or alicia. rounds or squares. NO johnson, fescue , milo, peanut etc type of hay

cows : jersey, holstein, swiss or guernsey milk cow that is producing from all 4 udders & can be hand milked

horses: AQHA, APHA, ApHC. must be registered or registrable. must have current coggins. 14.2hh – 16hh . prefer no sorrels or palominos. most interested in cutting, reining and foundation bloodlines. ages preferred are 2yrs-10yrs . nothing over 15yrs old. multiple nice bred & colored weanlings may be considered. must have correct conformation. will consider a trade for 1 horse if it is an own daughter of a very high-end sire that is sound and ready to ride or breed. if not then multiple horses will be considered.

Of course, this a completely reasonable attempt at bartering, but it still makes me smile because it sounds so country or something.  And of course, I have a soft spot for that sort of thing.

One time, I saw an ad in the farm+garden section that went something like this:

LOVE SOMEONE?  Give them an alpaca!

Alpaca = love.  Best thing ever.  Also speaking of alpacas, this video is fun to watch.



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