New music (for me): Brigitte

Just discovered these ladies.  I want to be the one in the glasses.  They are super duper popular in France and apparently, you can buy their album stateside and listen to it on Spotify.  The music is good, but it’s the style of which I’m enamored.

Their name is a take on famous Brigittes of yore, such as Brigitte Bardot; in an interview, one of them said:[3]

Brigitte, c’est rétro, notre style, c’est les années 50, c’est français, c’est Brigitte Bardot, c’est Brigitte Lahaye, c’est la tante qui cuisine, c’est la femme du cousin. Brigitte, c’est la femme au pluriel.
—Aurélie Maggiori, Sud Ouest, 21 July 2010

(Brigitte is retro, our style it’s the 50s, it’s french, it’s Brigitte Bardot, it’s Brigitte Lahaye, the aunt that cooks, the housewife. Brigitte is the woman in plural.)

Primed for cross-over success?  I don’t know.  But I like.


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