Federico Uribe

Speaking of Miami tonight, I found this artist while perusing the interwebz, and gee is it fun.

Federico Uribe, of Columbian derivation and Miami habitation,

is a conceptual artist resorting to the language of pop art through the use of objects of daily life, but with a formal reference to the history and tradition of classical art.

Uribe creates sculptures which are not sculpted but constructed and weaved, in all kinds of different ways, curious and unpredictable, repetitive and almost compulsive. They follow the classics canons of figurative and abstract art, but the result is absolutely unusual, whimsical, of enormous efficacy and communicability. When observed from close, his works reveal various kinds of interpretations; they invite us to touch them, to discover the detail and connection between one element and another. When viewed form further away, they offer volumes, forms, textures and color. Distance, proximity and perception are key factors in the interaction between Uribe’s work and its viewers.

The pieces that caught my eye had been featured on the blog thisiscolossal.  In these pieces, Uribe constructs trees out of books, creating a beautiful and almost cartoonish take on a tree that almost breathes or sways in wind as a result of the books’ textures.

Frederico Uribe

Frederico Uribe

Frederico Uribe

So naturally, after seeing how fun and fascinating these pieces were, I went on to investigate his others.  Here’s a few:


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