Stylish sun protection

I went to the French Quarter this morning in a misguided attempt to see one of my lawschool friends getting sworn in as an attorney.  Well, long story short, I missed the swearing in, but I did wander into a store (Sashay) that had some really cute things.

The reason I walked in is because I spied some very stylish hats in the window and I have a serious hat addiction.  Growing up in a family of redheaded, freckled, pale people makes me very sun averse, so I like to do it with some hats.

You can check out evidence of my fixation on my pinterest here.

For those of you who don’t like links, here’s some examples:


But I’ve sworn off hat purchases for a little while after a recent hat binge at TJ Maxx where I purchased not one, not two, but five hats in one trip.  Like I, said I have a problem.

What caught my attention in this store was actually the parasols.  As part of the sun-averse, I find it completely wild that the fad of using umbrellas to shield oneself from the harsh summer sun ever wore off.  Now, only Asians and old black women seem to sport it  – whenever I do it, I get the strangest looks from other white people.  But that kind of thing has never stopped me before.  I’m going to be a very eccentric old lady.


Anyway, I bought myself a white lace parasol, obviously.  It looks something like this one:

I was also quite tempted by the some of the parasol’s more versatile cousins though.  The store had these really, cute and rather expensive umbrellas that were ruffled and in lovely shapes and I really had to debate which to get.  I went iwth the parasol because it was cheaper, but as soon as I got home, I started googling these other umbrellas.  Clearly, a purchase will be imminent.  The brand of these oh-so-fab umbrellas is Lisbeth Dahl, a UK designed who apparently designs interior things and other accessories as well.   Here are some examples of these fancy things:

Moral:  Just because one might have to be wet DOES NOT mean that one can’t enjoy it.



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2 responses to “Stylish sun protection

  1. David

    “I was supposed to do X but ended up shopping…” LOL

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