Best book nook

Perusing the pages of Creole Homes; Traditional Homes of Old Louisiana, I stumbled upon the ultimate book nook.  It comes from the Parlange Plantation located in the tiny town of New Roads, Louisiana (of False River fame to Louisianians.)

The plantation was built around 1750 by the Marquis Vincent de Ternant with a land grant from Louis XV of France.  It has been continuously owned by the family since that time.

The gorgeous residence has two octagonal pigeonniers, or dovecotes.  In case you were wondering what a dovecote is (I am) it is a ” compartmental structure, often raised on a pole, for housing domesticated pigeons.”  Why they needed this I don’t know.  But the important part is what’s inside.4

In Creole Houses, the author describes the pigeonniers:

Such large, elaborate dovecotes were hallmarks of Creole design and something of a status symbol, despite their utilitarian function: to supply squab for the table.  The penchant for impressive pigeonniers is though to have roots in France, where only wealthy landowners were permitted to raise pigeons.

OK fine.

Today, the buildings have been converted to cozy guesthouses.  These immediately caught my eye when I was flipping through the pages of Creole Houses.  Look how wonderful – books surround and abound!

I imagine this could be a nice hideaway, being so nest-like.  I’m mentally adding it to my list of requirements for my future home (i.e. palace).

If you get the chance, check out Creole Houses.  It’s pure eye candy and has interesting history too.


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