Santigold is back!

Santigold comes out of dormancy to deliver this tune.  Unfortunately, I’m not that thrilled by it.  But perhaps it will grow on me.  The music video is certainly interesting – from the dancing, to the cartoon drawings, to its alleged import:

I’m not sufficiently well-versed in pop culture to have picked up on this, but apparently, Santigold is mocking Lady Gaga and Katy Perry through the video.  According to PopSugar,

Santigold sings, “Ga ga ga, all slightly off / Not me, I’ll take the loss” — and  a cartoon clearly of Lady Gaga in her mermaid regalia appears … And gets eaten by a tiger. . . Soon . . .we’re presented with another cartoon clearly meant to be ‘California Gurls’ era Katy Perry. The character has blue hair and rests nude (but with heels) on a cloud,  mouthing “Blah blah blah, literally” into a cell phone. To further drive the identity home, when the camera pans out, the cartoon Perry is petting a cat that’s saying “T.G.I.F.” Cold, Santigold!

The New York Times alluded to why Santigold has been MIA lately (haha!).  Apparently, she had some behind the scenes, record deal type problems.  You can read their review of a recent show in Williamsburg here.

What do you think of the song?

While I’m at it, here’s another song from her upcoming album that came out earlier in the summer.

And then, this:


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