my new superhero

This woman knows her sequins and pantless attire.

Did you catch that around 2:59?  Just wonderful.  I wish I understood what the song was about.

She also apparently knows her very gay looking backup dancers:

Didn’t you love the part where the rainbow tighted men were dancing around the old lady?  Oh, the thrill!

I would kill for her dress in this video:

She also knows her unitards:

Tis a true pitty that was in black and white.

In short, a true role model for us all.

Apparently she is Italian and has staged a comeback:

Italian diva Raffaella Carrà is embarking on a comeback at the age of 67.

The much loved entertainer is a gay icon in Europe and South America, having won a legion of fans in those areas with her popular disco anthems and fabulous TV appearances.

She has been a bit quiet lately but that’s all about to change with the release of A Far L’Amore – her collaboration with French DJ Bob Sinclar.

The track is a re-work of A Far L’Amore Comincia Tu, which was a massive disco hit for the singer in Europe in 1977.

Bob has given the track a club overhaul and it now sounds rather similar to Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP’s We Speak No Americano.

Raffaella is dusting off her sequins for a video but it’s still a couple of weeks away, so give A Far L’Amore a listen while you wait. (from

Here’s one of the new tracks from that collaboration:

Frankly, sounds the same is the old stuff.  I think I’m more about her outfits and backup dancers for now, but that could certainly change.


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