Sundry sunday (s)morsels

via {this is glamorous}

1.  Again, another hairdo I’d learn to know how to do.   I got the picture from {this is glamorous} but it appears to be a flickr image with no accompanying write-up on a blog.  Any ideas?  From looking at it and knowing little about hair, my guess is that it is some sort of french twist with the crown of the hair teased for oomph with growing out bangs or just stray pieces pinned artfully back over the twist.  I’m definitely going to try it at soon (tomorrow perhaps?).

via oh happy day

2.  Some tasteful black and gold decorating for next season’s Saints games.  (#allaboutnextyear)

via a friend

3.  Tombstone from New Orleans’ St. Louis Cemetery No. 1.  Founded in 1789.  Probably deserves more than this, but hey, it’s Sunday, and I have a cold.  Remind me and I’ll spend some more effort later.

4.  A kick ass R&B ballad from the 50s from Johnny Adams.  His voice is superb and the song is a gem.  Why don’t more people obsess over this type of music?  I know it’s old hat, but listen to this guy sing.


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