Cookies a-coming despite hate-mongers

Girl Scouts of the United States of America

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The cookie season for the Girl Scouts Louisiana East starts in: 7 days 11 hours 23 minutes 58 seconds.

All this talk of the protests and hatred surrounding the transgendered girl who joined the Girl Scouts should probably have me angry, but really all it did was make me hungry.  While I might think that these protesters are being real jerks, that’s not going to keep me away from Thin Mints when the time comes.  I apparently do not possess moral fortitude.

Oh wait, good news, the people boycotting the cookies are the ones who don’t want transgendered ladies to join their group – I can eat all the cookies I want in solidarity with the Girl Scouts organization decision to include!  Yay!

Find out when cookies are coming your way here.


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