this and this

1. I want a wall like this (via thevedahouse):

2.  Will someone please buy me these:

3.  Speaking of hats and opera, who is this (via sartorialist):

4.  Have you seen this?  (via swissmiss):

5.  Absolutely need this (via swissmiss):

One of the Wipe T-Shirt‘s stripes is actually a strip of microfiber cloth, the go-to remedy for wiping down dirty, finger-printed glasses and gadgets.Y ES!

6.  Definitely going to make use of this:

DIY party hats

7.  This:

Silica Pond, Iceland Photograph by David Remacle, One of the highlights of the interior of Iceland: a hot-water pond, charged with silica, glowing in the middle of nowhere.


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