New music!

This lady makes a bowl cut look hot.  And she’s rocking red lips!  I’m in love.

And her voice is mesmerizing.  It’s like a warm bath or a hot cup of tea, but a sexy warm bath or hot cup of tea.  It comforts and sets you ablaze. She really knows how to use that head voice in a sultry way, which is great because it is so often associated with virginity, sanctity, innocence and other things that bore the modern ear.  (Think Marilyn Horne versus Kathleen Battle – harder for Battle to sex it up).  Anyway, Keren Ann just slides right into your inner self and makes her self at home – I guarantee you will be thinking of this later.

I’ve listened to a few more of her songs, and this is my fave right now, perhaps because I’m drawn to uptempo ditties when I’m working.  The other stuff so far is really mellow.

Keren Ann (V)

This song is like a disco romp by Olivia Newton John if she were feeling more chill when she went to record “Let’s Get Physical.”  I just love it.

The video has that “Addicted to Love” vibe, don’t you think?  It’s that video that everyone on VH1 gets off on all the time (inexplicably).  It’s below.  The video also reminds me a little of Madonna and Vogue.

Here’s a bonus video, just for kicks.  She kinda does a talk-singy thing in the verses that reminds me of Smog’s Cold-Blooded Old Times and Serge Gainsbourg. The video technique (no idea what to call it – maybe, washed out?) adds to the lo-fi feeling.

Finally, here’s a video from what is apparently her other musical project, Lady & Bird:

A little too weird and melancholy for me, but gives you an idea of who she is as a whole.  From her website, about Lady & Bird:

She is also a member of the band “Lady & Bird” with Bardi Johannsson. They are currently  writing and composing the Gothic Opera “Red Waters” for the “Theatre National d’Orleans”. They have also worked with the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra in Reykjavik with director Daniel Kawka and with “L’orchestre Lamoureux” directed by Christophe Mangou for the Parisian hall “Salle Pleyel”.

Check out her website here.

Update:  Just found this one.  It’s worth watching for no other reason than her outfit.  She looks like a badass, sexed-up angel.


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