Maybe Hell will Freeze Over . . .

English: New Orleans Saints' Fleur-de-lis logo...
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Or New Orleans will just self-combust in a fuck-to-death frenzy of joy.

Bloomberg has Saints picked as having the best odds to win Superbowl XLVI in Indiana this year.  Erik Matuszewski wrote, in an article hot of the proverbial presses, that the Saints are favored 5-1 to win the Superbowl.  Matuszewski cites their “eight-game winning streak, a record- setting quarterback, an unbeaten home record and the experience of an NFL title two years ago” as support for these odds.  Here is the article, in case you’d like it from the source.

All I can say is that if the Saints do win and if LSU wins the BCS National Championship, with University of Louisiana at Lafayette‘s recent bowl victory, Louisiana might just party itself to death.  I’m not sure that we can handle this kind of cause for celebration.  So keep an eye on the forecast because there may be a storm ahead.New Orleans Mardi Gras: Dance troupe in daytim...


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