Here’s hoping Community returns in 2012

No news yet on whether Community will be resurfacing this Spring.  community_nbcAs with so many TV shows, I only recently got hooked on this one and am still watching Season 1.  Jack Black and Owen Wilson just made appearances in the latest episode I viewed.

It’s truly unfortunate that the way that so many enlightened viewers (read: college educated 20-somethings) watch TV in such a way as to never have their enjoyment show up on the radar of those who watch these things.  As generally single and young and healthy, we have disposable income and the carefree lifestyle to spend it rather than save it.  So we are worth advertising to, or so it would seem.

But enough rambling.  Hopefully this show won’t go the way of Arrested Development and disappear into the cult-ish margins.

Networks just need to figure out a new way to realize profit from those of us without cable (because, really, who needs that anymore other than to watch football games?).


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January 4, 2012 · 3:32 am

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