Saints get 3rd seed in NFC; San Francisco 49ers get 2nd seed

Today, many great football teams got together to celebrate the New Year in the best way that they know how – beating the shit out of each other for the amusements of thousands of red-blooded Americans.  Now that the dust has settled, it appears that the 49ers have secured the second seed in the NFC South, meaning they get a bye week the first week of the playoffs.  The New Orleans Saints, sadly, were not so lucky.  Both the 49ers and the Saints now have a 13-3 record, but the 49ers get the 2nd seed because they had a better record against conference opponents.

The San Francisco 49ers in a huddle during a r...

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But the day wasn’t a loss by any means for the Saints.  Drew Brees broke more records, for one.

Brees, who was 28-for-35, finished with a record 468 completions this season, breaking Peyton Manning‘s 2010 mark of 450. He finished the season completing 71.6% of his passes, breaking his own 2009 NFL record 70.6 completion percentage.  (source:


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