New Music Extravaganza! We Are Hunted Rocks my new 2012 world

Just read an article on some new exciting sites for discovering new music.  You can see it here.  The site I’m really digging is We Are the Hunted.  It’s the most excited I’ve been since I discovered Spotify and Pinterest.  The website creates playlists of emerging artists and other trending genres and you can import them into your Spotify account.

I’m currently listening to the Emerging Artists ones, which you can find by following this link:  We Are Hunted Emerging Chart Jan ’12 or, if you haven’t got Spotify and don’t feel like signing up, you can go straight to the source here.  After only listening for a few minutes, I’m already excited about what I’m hearing.

I really like The Weeknd (who sounds like Michael Jackson), Michael Kiwanuka, and Ben Westbeech.


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