Confessions of a mad hatter or hat-aholic

Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland

I am a mad hatter.  I am addicted to hats.

On a recent vacation, I brought with me 2 hats and purchased an additional 2 while there.  And I almost purchased more than that.  Going home for Christmas, I brought home no fewer than 5 hats.  It’s becoming a problem.

It’s not only that I find hats visually appealing.  They are a truly functional accessory – they keep you warm, keep you in the shade, protect you from harmful rays.  Really, they are a win in my book.  Additionally, they have a certain romantic appeal by virtue of their near obsolesce in everyday culture.  I tend to have a thing for the old, vintage, antiquated, out-dated, out-moded, and obscure.  The allure for me is almost palpable.  Why shouldn’t we have handkerchiefs and buy our food from a local farm and send our sheets out to be ironed?  All of these things make their own bit of sense and contain their own special type of beauty, even though, admittedly, I have pursued none of them save the local food thing.  Everything old might make sense again.  My great-grandmother had chickens in her yard and knew how to wring one’s neck if she was making chicken for supper.  I think there’s something to that, especially when I think about the idea that I’ve eaten many animals and never killed one.  But I digress . . .

Today, I saw the Yearly and Traditional Christmas Movie with the Family after the Opening and Exchanging of Gifts.  We saw the Girl with the Dragon Tatoo.  However, the important part is that during a trailer for the upcoming Batman extravaganza film, I saw Anne Hathaway sporting a hat that triggered my hat addiction.  I MUST have it.  Tonight, after the guests are gone, I will be searching the internet for it.

Here is the hat.  It is oh-so-Audrey Hepburn à la Breakfast at Tiffany’s (an un-purchasable hat, by the way, I’ve tried unless you consider this as reasonable).  The blogosphere appears to have beat me to this conclusion (not the un-purchasable one, the other, about the hats being similar), but, alas, one can’t always be original.

to die for hat

Breakfast at Tiffany's Iconic Hat

Just for kicks, I’m throwing in the link to the Dark Knight Rises trailer.  Here ya go.


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  1. Regan

    wow! i LOVE your blog. you have such a great style and a great way of expressing yourself. i will definitely continue to follow you.

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