Fiona Apple – The First Taste; A Fresh Sound from an Old Album

Another beautiful voice doing something different from what you typically hear from her.

This song came out a long time ago on her first album Tidal, but I’ve only recently discovered it.  It is incredibly sexy – the lyrics illicit a cold evening where you feel the spark of electricity from getting close to someone that makes your skin prickle in excitement.  That feeling of waiting for the first, highly anticipated touch. Here are some lyrics:

i do not struggle in your web

because it was my aim to get caught

but daddy longlegs i feel

that i am finally growing weary

of waiting to be consumed by you

give me the first taste

let it begin

heaven cannot wait forever

just start the chase

i’ll let you win – but you must first make the endeavor

It’s really out of the ordinary for Fiona Apple.  She uses a lot more of her head voice and her high notes.  She also has a more exotic flair than her typical blues-driven ballads.  That, and it has a beat.  It’s nice to hear how easily she handles the ornamentation in the song – it’s such a contrast to her more belty sound in songs like Shadowboxer or Criminal.

Also, she dances in this video.  The queen of 90s non-stardom dances like a pop princess – well, sort of.  But it really works in the video.  She also looks great.


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