Love these mixtapes from wit + delight

I’d almost forgotten the joy of a good mixtape or playlist.  Long gone are the days when you sat for hours in front of your dial up connection downloading a single song and then lovingly and painstakingly burned it onto a blank CD that your parents didn’t really want to buy for you.

Today, music has gotten so casual and ubiquitous that I almost don’t enjoy it anymore.  I need live music to get any real pleasure out of it – or music on a really good sound system.  I consume music almost as automatically and unthinkingly as a consume my morning cheerios; I like them, but the taste is no longer exciting.

I think taking the time to make a well thought out mixtape should be revived (not to say it isn’t already being revived in some groups).  I miss the days when every moment of listening to music was special and riveting and something to look forward to after a long day at school.  So let’s make ourselves mixes, make them limited to the length of one 80 min disc, and let’s relive our better youth and recommit ourselves to being excited even about the songs we’ve heard a million times before.

To start us off, here’s one of wit + delight’s.  It’s a compilation of songs used in Woody Allen movies, which while not exceptionally original in terms of its creation, is incredibly enjoyable nonetheless.  If there’s one director who appreciates the use of good music in his films, it’s Woody.  He’s a master at using them to create atmosphere.  With the guitar music in Vicky Cristina Barcelona, I fell in love with Spain and Javier Bardem without ever so much as having laid eyes on either (well, unless you count seeing Bardem in No Country for Old Men).  This playlist is especially good for classing it up at dinnertime.  Anyway, enjoy.  She has a XMAS mixtape too, but not one for XMAS music (way too overplayed), I’ll skip it for now.

{ wit + delight }: design / fashion / projects / oddities.
Mixtape No. 4 : At The Movies with Woody Allen

+ Sing, Sing, Sing – Benny Goodman (Manhattan Murder Mystery)
+ Big Brother – The Stephane Wrembel Trio (Vicky Christina Barcelona)
+ I’ve Never Heard The Song Before – Harry James (Hannah & Her Sisters)
+ South American Ways (Radio Days)
+ Body & Soul – Billie Holiday (Stardust Memories)
+ Si tu vois ma mère – Sidney Joseph Bechet (Midnight In Paris)
+ All the Things You Are – Ella Fitzgerald (Deconstructing Harry)
+ I’ll See You In My Dreams – Django Reinhardt Trio (Stardust Memories)
+ Did I Remember – Billie Holiday (Celebrity)
+ Seems Like Old Times – Guy Lombardo (Annie Hall)
+ Caravan – Bunny Bergain (Sweet and Lowdown)

Mixtapes were celebrated in High Fidelity


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