Louisiana Bar Exam: No More Conditioning, Mes Amis!

I was perusing the La. S.Ct website tonight and found the following:

Two Orders have been executed that amend provisions pertaining to Part I of the Bar examination. The first Order is effective immediately and amends the February 2012 Bar examination. The current scoring structure is retained, except that the conditional failure option has been eliminated. Therefore, applicants who have conditionally failed the examination will have one final chance to sit for the separate subject examinations required to pass at the February 2012 examination. See Rule XVII, Section 8(A) (effective October 19, 2011).

The Court has also placed a limitation on the number of times an applicant may sit for the Louisiana Bar examination. Applicants shall have only five (5) attempts to pass the Bar examination. See Rule XVII, Section 8(C) (effective October 19, 2011).

The second Order is effective on July 1, 2012. It implements a “compensatory scoring” system commencing with the July 2012 Bar examination, and sets 650 as the required score for passing (with Code subjects to be weighted twice as much as non-Code subjects).

In addition, applicants are required to sit for all nine (9) subject examinations and make a good faith effort to pass each subject examination, or they will fail Part I of the Bar examination. See Rule XVII, Section 7(A) (effective July 1, 2012).

(source:  http://www.lasc.org/rules/supreme/RuleXVII_amend.asp)

Well, Louisiana-bound 3Ls, it looks like the rumors are true – your nightmares have been realized.  They have some BIG changes in store for y’all.

In Sum:

1)  No more conditioning.  You will pass or fail.  Zero sum game.

2)  You may only take the exam 5 times EVER.  That’s right, if you can’t pass it over the span of 2.5 years, then you might as well move to Mississippi.

3)  New scoring system.  Code sections count for twice as much as Non-Code.  Beyond that, I don’t know what “compensatory scoring” means.

4)  Applicants have to take all 9 sections.  No leaving on Friday because you think you’ve already passed 7 sections.  You must sit there and you must write something.  I’m guessing that writing “I hate the bar exam,” or something along those lines will not constitute a “good faith” attempt to pass.

Anyway, something to which the future crop of JDs can look forward.  Wonder if it will have any effect on the numbers of lawyers per capita in Louisiana or New Orleans . . .

Good luck!



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