Ragin Cajun Coach Bleeding on Sidelines Because So HARDCORE

“[UL Headcoach] Hudspeth also hopes his players will

feed off the emotion that is bound to permeate the

Cajuns’ sideline.”

(source:  Washington Post)

Perhaps what Hudspeth really meant, was that his coaches would non-nonchalantly and spontaneously begin to bleed during the game.  Because that is what is happening . . .

Rusty Whitt is > Jack Bauer?

University of Louisiana (UL) is killin’ it in their first bowl game appearance.  More importantly, they are striking fear into the heart of the opposition through their coach, Rusty Whitt, slowly bleeding from his face on the sidelines.

Inside sources say that what has really happened is that he headbutted another trainer before the game.  “They were pumped up and being manly and stupid at the same time.”  Nevertheless, a seriously ragin’ cajun if you ask me.

Update:  WIN! WIN! WIN!  Biggest win in UL history!

Baer really pulled through on that one.  Rusty may have helped, but these Cajuns really did it.


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