SantaCon Badasses

As you have probably noticed, Santacon’s have been going down all over.  I don’t know much about it, to be honest, and am not sure if it happened all this past weekend or will happen in different weekends up until XMAS.  Either way, doesn’t matter.  IF you want to learn these things in your spare time, check out this website, which is probably the official one, although I didn’t peruse it thoroughly enough to be sure.

Mainly, I’m concerned with a particular subset of costumed merrymakers I saw this weekend in the Mission District in San Francisco.  Militant elves and a christmas tree guarding one lone Santa.  Now, that was a costume I could get into and I tried to take a picture with my phone so I could keep it in my costume inspiration file (yes, I have one).  However, it came out poorly, so I’ll have to share pictures I found through other resources.  Here are some of my favorite:

The Ambusher (my personal favorite and my personal pun)

Militant Elf (aka Nels)

(update:  Thanks to Zach for helping me get these pictures on my blog!  And of course for providing them in the first place 🙂

Apparently, this group is fairly organized.  I guess I should do my research, but, meh . . .

According to the website, the people I saw were members of the 12th Nut, tasked with Santa’s personal protection.  From their website:

The Mission of the 12th Nut

  • Protect the Santa and his residence
  • Provide a ceremonial guard to the Santa for official occasions
  • Escort the Santa throughout the world during the Christmas Operational Window
  • Provide a first response capability should the Santa require sleighvac in a combat zone




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6 responses to “SantaCon Badasses

  1. Hi! you’ve linked several of my photos and mention they’re protected? I’ll check the permissions and see if I’ve accidentally disabled sharing.

    • Yeah! Hi! I really wanted to show some of your pictures in my blog, but it wouldn’t let me do that. But I think the links work. Of course, I want to respect your ownership of your work, but I wanted to show people because I thought it was so cool. Let me know if there is anything I should do.

  2. try going to actions, view all sizes now. I’ve set the copyright to a CC scheme so you can use it. Here’s the photo of Nels (militant elf)
    He knows when you're awake...

    that should be an embeddable example.

  3. BTW the presence you reference in the latest Santa related public action was the Joint Christmas Certainty Command, specifically the Sugar Plum Service and a civilian mercenary group ungoverned by U.S. Military ROE and more able to deal with immediately threats to Santa.

    • O! Thanks so much for setting me straight. Let me know if you’d like to guest-blog edit some of this or want me to throw out a link to your stuff. I’m not sure I have a complete picture of the enormity of this movement.

  4. Just hit up EDW Lynch for the full details.

    I’m just an embedded photographer working with the troops.

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