Gulf Coast meets West Coast: A Story of Cultural Exchange and Growth

Over a lovely dinner tonight with my friend Natasha and my new friends Becca and Nora, somehow we got to talking about New Orleans bounce.  So I just had to show my new friends a Big Freedia video.  Needless to say, they were awed and inspired and had to see more.  Likely, they are each now reviewing the footage and practicing in the privacy of their own bedrooms.

And no review of the NOLA bounce craze would be complete without the classic:

After several minutes of gasps and “ooos,” my Oakland native-ish friend decided to share with me what was street-tastic here in the wild wild west.  I was equally impressed and deeply touched.  I also vowed to go home and renew my efforts to learn to “bounce” successfully while adding to said efforts the new goal of learning how to dance like these remarkable young lads.

Finally, she showed me another trend in Oakland that really has nothing to do with dancing other than that black people are doing it too and it is really cool.  It’s called scraper bikes.  Basically, the idea is that you just decorate your bike tires to imitate a blinged out set of hubcaps.  It’s fantastic and I will be bringing the trend to NOLA asap when I get a chance to decorate my bike.

Cultural exchange (of someone else’s culture?) is a beautiful thing, is it not?


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